05 June 2012

On Perfume being Art

Perfume appeals to my nose the way music appeals to my ears, exquisite food to my taste buds, photography to my eyes, and great loving from my man to my sense of touch.

I can safely conclude, then, that PERFUME IS ART in its purest form.

As an artist, I therefore have a responsibility to buy as much perfume as I can. You know, to learn about art and all.

I once wrote this on a perfume forum, as a joke.

However, after doing a lot of growing over the past few months, I have realised that I am drawn to everything that one could consider to be art.  I am attracted to anything that appeals to my senses and that can be crafted beautifully and with meaning- isn't that what art is?

Art, to me, is a creation that has been crafted with love and passion, and that often has multiple layers to represent life's complexities, or sometimes has a linear simplicity to represent how easy we could make life for ourselves.

Perfume is created to blend notes in a combination that one would find disgusting if one amateurishly plonked them together - and yet, these noses ("perfume creators" for non-perfumistas) manage to create products that not only appeal simply to our sense of smell (aesthetics), but manage to transport us into the land of memories and fantasy (meaning).

If aesthetics + meaning is not art, I don't know what is.

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