07 June 2012

Perfume Diary part 1

I have always loved perfume.  

However, recently an article about becoming a perfumista, which made me chuckle when I first saw it, prompted me into furthering my perfume knowledge.  I started reading more reviews on the site (Now Smell This), and just felt stunned.  Words were picked so carefully and each one was loaded with imagery.  I was impressed! Was this the undiscovered world of scent?

I knew I was on the way to becoming a perfumista (according to the article); after all, didn't I own quite a few brand-name bottles (mostly blind-bought*)?  Yeah, right.  I had lived in a naive little girl's world, and while I thought (insert large designer house name here) meant (insert amazing perfume here), I was in for a big shock.  Search after search revealed that all my favourites were linear, boring, and childish.  And the comments on these previously-loved "classics" in my scent wardrobe! :O  I shudder at how naive I was.  

I'll add in however, that a preference is a preference.  Although I have started becoming a perfume snob, I will not hesitate to wear and love a perfume that just makes me happy, even if it isn't critically acclaimed, just as I will love the cheesy romantic movies for the right mood, even if the acting is terrible.

I started doing everything that the article said would lead one to the next step.  I ordered tonnes of samples (mostly from the Perfumed Court, which is heavensent for people like me), started reading more and more perfume blogs (although NST will always be homebase), and joined forums like Basenotes and Fragrantica.  I did my research on noses, and started sensing similarities in style between houses.

Suddenly, a few weeks later, my life is completely different.  I have read so many perfume blog posts that I often find that, when googling a scent I just sampled, most of the links in the results have that purple colour that displays my obsession.  My "perfume drawer" is filled with samples, and I still have 50 on their way in the mail.  A package arrives so often, that I now feel sad when one doesn't.  I am able to give someone advice on perfumes and name some real niche, well-crafted creations as recommendations.  I have written 40 mini-reviews in my perfume diary in a little under a month.  I wear perfume to bed just so I can wake up to a scent that is just so lovely I could get emotional.  

You could say I'm obsessed. ;)

*Blind-buying, for the non-perfumista (and non-online-shopper), occurs when you buy something without trying it.  This isn't too bad for clothes as you can return them, but one cannot say the same for perfumes.

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