30 June 2012

Perfume Diary Part 2

14th April 2012 - My first testing mission at a department store - completely ignorant about "notes".  Please note that my taste changes fast and that this may not reflect my current opinions on these fragrances.

Bottega Veneta
Opened with a soft but (too) sweet note.  The lady said "it has real leather" as she sprayed the paper, and I commented on how it was too sweet.  She seemed shocked ( I now understand why).  I tested on skin.  The opening lasts a few mins, then goes to a horrid smell, then to a powdery cool sweetness after 20 mins that I like.  Very mild and soft.  Seems to end with obnoxious sweet alcohol-smell.

Dior Miss Dior EdT (now known as Miss Dior Original because of Dior's stupidity and greed)
Horridly sharp from the get-go!  Ends in a grandma heart (same scent), and now the drydown seems to be slightly sweeter, warmer, less sharp, and more pleasant.  Gets much nicer on drydown.  
Edit: I later added this:
 No it doesn't. 

Second edit, a few months after writing these notes:  I suspect that "sharp" note was civet, which I now adore and also didn't like in Shalimar when trying it this same week (hated it so much I didn't bother writing notes!).  Note to non-perfumistas: what I just said is pure blasphemy in the perfume world.  Now that I understand perfume much better, I completely would like to smack my past-self after I said such horrid things about Shalimar. ;) 

Dior Diorrisimo
No change or development.  Flowers.  Obnoxious powdery flowers.  Very strong.

Prada Infusion d'Iris
Unfortunately doesn't last long.  Opens very fresh.  Very very fresh, almost masculine.  Goes into flowery - but not powdery - scent; not overpowering.  Very nice development; smelled quite a few notes.  Too mild, in the sense that I cannot smell it, much.  Must find way to strengthen.  Not worth the price for no sillage!

Opens in comforting sweetness, then goes into cooler sweetness.  Good in small amounts for summer or just a pick-me-up.  Nice soft sophisticated spice in drydown that is ultra comforting.  Then goes back to sweet coolness. 
Note:  I now own a bottle of this.

Serge Lutens Jeux de Peau
Tastes like curry/brown caramelised sugar.  Somehow liked it towards the end, as a comfort scent. Did not like at all. Try again one day. 
Note: Ah, the recognisable confusion of a person first exposed to Serge Lutens.

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