31 July 2012

On Perfume influencing Body Weight

Today the Daily Mail, that wonderful place we all turn to when we desire some real journalism *cough*, featured a new scent sold by the Fragrance Shop (UK).  This new fragrance, which sounds like a fruity floral for the masses, is said to have some interesting properties, indeed.

See here, the spiel:

"Designed to ‘slim with pleasure’ PRENDS-MOI (which meanst Take Me) is based on extensive aromatherapeutic and ‘neurocosmetic’ research and contains active ingredients including ‘Betaphroline’ which when it comes in to contact with keratinocytes (cells found in the outer layer of the skin) will induce the release of B-endorphins present in the skin. A ‘pleasure message’ is transmitted through the neurotransmitters (impulse from a nerve cell to another nerve, muscle, organ or other tissue) to the hippocampus (the ‘odour brain’) triggering an immediate sensation of well being, a reduction in stress and an increase in contentment reducing the need to overeat and the scents slimming action is activated.

Top notes, with lively accents of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit, are placed in a deliciously fresh ambience. The middle notes are a flight of floral scents where jasmine responds to ylang-ylang and freshly picked lilac. The base notes combine musk and vanilla with patchouli and the woodsy intensity of sandalwood. With a low alcohol content, PRENDS-MOI is perfect for those who love summer all year long."

For the TLDR crowd, this fragrance apparently helps you lose weight.  Yes, you read that right.  A miracle perfume, right?  The awesome Birgit from Olfactoria's Travels doesn't seem to think so.  I believe her - this does sound, as many perfumistas called out, like snake oil.

But this got me thinking.

I have a very sweet tooth.  And I mean VERY.  I used to chow down 3 packs of Hariboes a day.  I have zero self-control with candy, and combined with my unusually large appetite for a skinny minnie like myself - this is a serious statement.

But in the last months, since my perfume journey started, I seem to have been having little to no candy.  I'm content with a sweet tea or some fruit juice, and don't feel like I *need* something sweet.  What happened?

I'll tell you:

Gourmand perfumes happened.

Gourmand perfumes are fragrances that emulate the scent of anything edible.  I go towards the vanilla-loaded, creamy, dessert-like fragrances.  I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like "something sweet" and have turned to my all-time favourites.  In fact, all but one of my top favourites in my perfume portrait are gourmandy.  Most of my "loves" are also gourmand.

Perhaps it is possible that a "craving" for a taste, can be somehow "fed" with another sense?  Obviously you cannot see, feel, or hear anything that is "sweet", but you can smell sweet things.  I wonder if the two senses are so connected, that we can use this to our advantage?

What follows is my list of perfumes that REALLY satisfy my cravings.  Feel free to add your own favourites in the comments:

Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille (vanilla and a dry licorice, a popular one with friends)
Guerlain Gourmand Coquin (cacao, dark chocolate, vanilla, rum - my most gourmand perfume)
Parfums de Rosine Rose Praline (light syrupy juicy version of Gourmand Coquin, with some rose)
Parfum d'Empire Aziyade (cola sweets)
Olympic Orchids Red Cattleya (fruity sweet!)

As I write this post, I am munching on "Salty Rows" by Haribo (salmiak flavoured candy shaped into rows of children - how horrid!).  I am not satisifed and actually starting to feel a little ill after a few bites.  The old smell of perfume on my tshirt is calling to me; perhaps time for a spritz? *throws bag of candy away, as she skips to her perfumes*


  1. Doesn't work for me: I still love candies :)

    1. No, be positive! You just haven't found the right gourmand yet. :P

      (and so do I - why do you think I was munching on some while writing this?? I just found that I crave them less than I used to.)


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