21 July 2012

Perfume Review: Dior J'Adore L'Absolu

(This review is part of the "30 Perfumes in 30 Days" series)

If you were alive in the 90s and early 2000s, and in/near a city where perfumes were sold a lot, you'll remember the large marketing campaign of J'Adore.  Or perhaps that beautiful image of a swan-like model in golden skin, hair, clothes, and water just stuck with me, and they didn't even market it that well (though I doubt it).  Either way, I knew what the bottle looked like before I even knew much about perfumes (the other perfume I "knew" before even being interested in perfumes is Cacharel's Noa - those ads were memorable too).

So when I started getting into perfumes as a teen (fruity florals), I immediately bought J'adore because "it's a classic darling".  I can still remember taking a friend to a perfume store recently (probably 5 months ago), and happily showing off my extended knowledge about perfumes by showing her different fragrances - not realising that I was showing her one bland fruity floral after the other.  Now, I no longer have the original J'Adore (apparently I loved it), but I do have a full bottle of J'adore L'Absolu.  Things have changed since the time I first bought J'adore - namely its image.  It now has a Marilyn Monroe sexiness created by South African Charlize Theron (I prefer the swan one). The other thing that's changed, is, well, my taste.  So I was desperately hoping this wouldn't be another fruity floral.

Luckily for my nose, this was not a fruity floral in the way the perfumes I tried before this in the "30 days" series were, strictly speaking.  This is more a floral with a whisper of fruit (there is a difference!).  It opens with a green and fresh feeling, which I liked.  White florals then chime in with the green stems, still present, which I liked surprisingly (I do not love white florals).  I can sense the tuberose at a comfortable level in the background (I DEFINITELY do not love tuberose).  No fruits detected, except when I inhale very deeply with my nose touching my skin.  I find that very interesting, as it balances the scent out from becoming one big thick white floral.

It continues on like this and doesn't change much on my skin.  I find it quite bland, and the fact that it is well-blended is now more of a disadvantage to me than an advantage, simply because I would have liked some contrast.  Put in something dark, or more woody, or darken *something* in the base!

Verdict:  Too bland for my taste.  This lovely bottle with a neck reminsicent of the swan in the first picture shall go to someone who will love it, as I do not.

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