21 July 2012

Perfume Review: Dolce & Gabbana Rose the One

(This review is part of the "30 Perfumes in 30 Days" series)

Watery sweet fruity floral at first spray.  Does not open very originally.  Rose comes through.  Very watery, and although I could see myself wearing this (at least if it stays like this), after having tried Les Parfums de Rosine's take on the rose, I feel I have grown out of synthetic florals like this.  It develops beautifully; some citrus and another soft white flower and juicy fruit stay in the background.  Very modern, a little cold - nice for a wedding or a spring occasion where you want to smell lovely and not overpowering.  This is just not for me; I suspect this will appeal to people new to perfume, or department store fruity floral perfume lovers.  The heart develops into purely soft white flowers, but nothing jarring - all very average. Bleh.  As some reviewers said, "Where is the rose?".

Verdict:  To Ebay this one goes!

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