21 July 2012

Perfume Review: Guerlain Idylle

 (This review is part of the "30 Perfumes in 30 Days" series)

Now let me start by saying that I adore Guerlain Insolence, and own Jicky as well as Gourmand Coquin.  I plan to get Shalimar one day, too.  Therefore, I expect well-crafted perfumes from this house (which was founded in 1828, and used to create perfumes for royalty).  I expect something unique, and perhaps groundbreaking.  Most importantly, I demand something special.

The bottle is interesting.  It's been compared to chocolates, a bike saddle, golden drops, and an upside-down shoe heel.  It is nice from far, but far from nice.  In images it looks chic, in real life the plastic chips away and you realise that your diamond was actually a piece of glitter reflecting the sun.  I am not shallow enough to judge a perfume by its bottle, but this little tidbit of information about the bottle runs parallel to my feelings on the juice itself. 

Idylle starts with a fruit burst that is pretty yummy.  I can definitely smell a soft white flower with that fruit - and then suddenly the fruit is gone (though it still wafts at times); closer to skin I can only smell a white floral.  Whereas J'adore is classy and boring, this one is sparklier but soft (a white floral hater could love this).  I do get aldehydes (or is this scent just hurting my nose with cheap synthetic ingredients?) and find this lovely and blended well.  But that's just it - it's another Vera Wang (maybe more bold), J'adore (brighter), and Attimo, but with slightly different notes.  I would even say it's got a lot of Miss Dior Cherie (vintage) - which may be why I like it - that raspberry note is probably the culprit. It is admittedly the best I have tried in my fruity floral range this week - but that is not saying much.

It's just another fruity floral for the young and/or unaware perfume admirer.  It's a gorgeous one, but not memorable enough to keep.  It does not deserve Guerlain's name on it!  Some proper Guerlinade as a base (or anything a little more worth the high price of this fragrance) would have made this a keeper, or at least some sort of nod at the fact that this perfume house is full of classics.  I understand they are trying a new direction, but then at least put some contrast to the notes, so my brain stays challenged.  Contrast, people, contrast! Is that too much to ask?

Verdict:  Yeah... No.  If perfumes were actresses, this would be Jessica Simpson.  I prefer me some Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, and Audrey Hepburn, thank you.

PS Birgit of Olfactoria's Travels explains how I feel perfectly here.  'Nuff said.


  1. Get Shalimar, it's orgasmic. Worth every (painful) penny. :)

    1. Somebody knows (and understands) their classics! I see a friendship in the future :D

  2. I just found your blog and it is super stylish and fun. Your personality definitely comes through. I think I'm gonna love this perfume. I want to try this one out. Thanks! :)

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