21 July 2012

Perfume Review: Vera Wang Signature

(This review is part of the "30 Perfumes in 30 Days" series)

Vera Wang is well known for her bridal designs.  If you have ever watched any show with a large emphasis on fashion/women (like Sex and the City), you know that a Vera Wang wedding dress is a dream come true for many women.  Here are some of her more "typical" designs:

Here is her current collection (A/W 12-13), which gets more daring with colours (a must-watch for fashion lovers!):

Since I'm a super fan-girl, I'll show some pictures (courtesy of http://www.weddingchicks.com/) of my fave dresses from this collection for those of you not patient enough to go through the video.  She has a good name for a reason, and truly understands what makes the "perfect" wedding dress (in my opinion).  I will one day get married in a Vera Wang dress.  I really think this is the best collection I have ever seen her create.  The tiny details she adds to her dresses, and the combinations of textures, are nothing short of amazing.

    To browse further, please click here to have a look at her bridal collections.

Now, my love for her designs does not mean I will be biased when it comes to her fragrances.  Here are my test notes:

Aldehydes, fresh fruity smell that is clean and pretty memorable - not because it is super original, but simply because it truly is a pretty fragrance that suits its purpose.  This fragrance was marketed as a bridal scent, and I believe the nose behind it completely understood what Vera was after.  Her designs dazzle; the perfume and make-up of the bride should therefore be a little less loud, just to balance things out.  Also, a bride should be remembered for her *self*, not just one aspect of her look.

The fruit goes, and makes way for more aldehydes.  Then, lotus, soft rose, and other flowers with a light or white feel come through to the front like a beautiful bouquet.  Very well blended, soft, and really (I cannot say it enough) perfect for a wedding.  This is a great scent for someone who does not want to blast everyone with their fragrance, but would still like a recognisable but classy scent.

If you do not like aldehydes, you might sneeze with this one!  It reminds me a little of Elie Saab le Parfum, not because it is similar (I find this scent prettier, weaker, and less in-your-face) but because of its aldehydic content.  This one is very feminine, very classy.  It is a gorgeous soft scent, and if I was not more into complex frags and gourmands, and less into clean scents, I would have kept this.
It develops into a white floral heart, which I admit would be great for white floral haters like myself as it is not too much.  It then gets a minty quality.  Alas, this bridal perfume will not be the one I wear with the matching gown.

Verdict:  Off to Ebay!

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