17 July 2012

Question Time: What is gender?

I have recently been seeing a lot of talk suggesting that gender is simply a concept that humans designed to categorise - and that we should not use genders to classify, in the same way we should not use race to judge people.

This got me thinking - we assume, whenever we find a new animal, that they can either be female, male, or asexual.  I do not think a lot of us ever stop to consider that the concept of female/male may be another limited idea that human beings have accepted as the only possibility.  What if there are more genders than male/female?  What if, somewhere out there, others procreate in other ways that we could not even begin to understand?  What if there are genders outside the spectrum we know?

What do you think of the concept of gender?
Is it necessary to give it importance, or has it become redundant in our modern society?
Do you have any "out-there" philosophical thoughts on this?

Please share.

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