28 July 2012

Rambling Musing: Creativity

Today has been a bit of a meh day (perhaps that is an understatement), but I have been getting more creative.  I have been much more strict about writing my dreams down in a little notebook, and I just sketched out a rough tune for a song I might be doing with the awesome Drama B.

I enjoy receiving feedback on my work, and I just realised that I got very excited at the idea of being able to create something from nothing - and then getting feedback to help me grow.  I know that people love feedback on their work, but it was only now that I was very conscious/mindful of this.  When I am being extra conscious or mindful, I feel like I am watching myself from a wiser place, and at moments like this I feel the love of an ancient, and the amazement and wonder of a child.

It amazes me sometimes, how humans can create - it is as though we are (if you are religious) trying to emulate the Creator, and I sometimes wonder whether the beautiful feeling we feel while creating is something spiritual.  Of course, if you are atheist, you might disagree, but there is something "special" - at the least - if not sacred about creating.  My art works are all children, and even now, this piece is being made with love, care, and discipline.  I mother my pieces every so often, by checking up on them, and hope there will be some appreciation for them.

Currently, I am at a stage where my work is not really noticed.  My photography, music, special secret project (more on this another time) and blog pages are sitting wide-eyed with their hand shot in the air, ignored by the teacher.  It's ok though; I have come to accept that my time is not now - it will come around next year. :)  Patience is a virtue, and it is a very difficult one at that.  I keep trying to do something with my music/photography/secret project, but it is almost as if there is some invisible energy that is telling me a firm "No.", the way a mother will not let her sick child get out of bed.  Every time I try to pursue my career in any way, it fails harder than before, and it is uncanny how many little "coincidences" keep occurring to make this happen.  I am learning this tough lesson of patience the hard way, as it is something I have never seemed to learn.  Life is one big lesson though, so that's alright.

Right now, it is time to work on the foundation for my future castle - I cannot do anything until my body, mind and soul are at peace, and I am working on this with the love and support of some very special people.  I may complain sometimes, but the part of me I call my Higher Self "knows" (not through modern knowledge, but that ancient intuitive way of understanding in the depths of one's being, that cannot be proven or defeated by science) that life and all its energies are smiling down on me.

As they are on you.


  1. This post made me check out Drama B and I agree with you that he’s awesome... Can’t wait for the new song you’ll be doing together!
    Remember, your destination is in each step and I am glad that you know the direction you are moving which is more important than where you are right now.

    1. Very nicely said! And yes, Drama B is majorly talented. Not sure why he isn't signed.
      Thanks for reading :)


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