16 August 2012

254um and some photos

Hello All,

I'm going to be a bit quiet over the next few days on the blog.  I am focusing fully on a project I'm involved in, namely a new Kenyan forum (the only one!).

If you would like to have a look (and join), please do.  It is meant to connect Kenyans and anyone involved with Kenya, and I hope it accomplishes big things in the future.  Please do get involved. :)

The website is called 254um, and is a play on the country dialling code (254) and the word "forum".

Other than this, I'm stressed with my (lack of) progress in a distance learning course I started.  I have 12 days until my deadline and haven't even started! :(

I'm also testing Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire, and am so unhappy with the cheap fruity note in the background (ruining my beloved licorice!) that I will not be bothering with a review right now. Sigh.  The licorice note is done nicely (though I've smelled better) - it's everything Lolita Lempicka isn't, as LL smells like pure play-do on my skin :(

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Here's some of my fave photos I took recently at my grandmother's birthday party:


  1. Good luck with your project!

    1. Thank you! Though I decided just now that perhaps focusing only one thing, is not a great idea. I need to learn to balance myself. Sorry I haven't emailed you yet! :(

  2. these photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!


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