19 August 2012

Perfume Review: 1000 Flowers - Reglisse Noire (+ a giveaway!)

 Reglisse Noire is the first perfume from the house "1000 Flowers".  I had heard a lot about this fragrance due to my love for licorice, but ignored it due to EdT snobbery.  I felt that if it wasn't an EdP, it was not worth my time.  I eventually gave in to my curiosity and ordered a sample.

The description (stolen from Fragrantica) is as follows:

Réglisse Noire is the scent of black licorice candy, as its French name says itself. This is the first fragrance from the Canadian niche house 1000 Flowers founded by the perfumer Jessica Buchanan in order to explore the creation of perfume driven by the ideal of beauty in balance. The formula was created in Grasse France, where Jessica learned the art of perfumery working at Mane and Robertet.
Réglisse Noire opens with notes of white pepper, ozone, mint and shiso leaf. The heart is composed of black licorice and star anise and ginger and cocoa. The base consists of musk, patchouli, vanilla and vetiver.

After dabbing my sample, this opens with a beautiful licorice note that is watery and not too thick.  Closer to skin I can smell a medicinal version of this, but not medicinal enough to put me off.  It then starts wafting a very realistic scent that reminds me of my favourite Dutch candy called "Taai-taai", which uses similar spices to the famous Speculaas and ontbijtkoek ("Breakfast cake, gently spiced sticky-crusted cake pictured at the bottom).

The lovely licorice leaves just when it starts to get a bit too much, which is nice as it makes me appreciate it more.  I smell a white floral, and the spot on my inner elbow has a dance of flowers with licorice.  It's a very light white floral, perfect for summer and really blended so well that a white-floral hater like myself can love it.  It is interesting to note that there are no white florals detected by anyone else, but I do smell something flowery that is soft and pleasant, but still present. Just like with Cartier's Baiser Vole, I smell something green here too.  There is nothing "Noire" here, except for the licorice, which is the most realistic and inoffensive I've ever smelt in a scent.  It is scents like this that remind me why I love that note so much.

Someone described this as a "shy gourmand" on Fragrantica, and I have to agree.  It is a gorgeous scent, and although it does smell like my favourite treats, the sheer florals seem to keep it in balance.  I feel very pretty in this, and would go so far as to say that I would probably wear this when I'm feeling down - just for its effects.  It dries down to a cool licorice/anise that seems to have mint without putting me off (well done; I hate mint!).  I'm really really impressed by this fragrance, and as I so often do with fragrances I love - I shall stop describing it now, as I feel inadequate.

Bottom Line:  This is a love for me, as it truly is a well-balanced beauty.  I shall definitely be putting a full bottle on my wish list.  It makes me feel so inadequate with my lousy writing :(  Longevity isn't great, but it is an EdT so I cannot expect Amouage-like longevity.  


 I shall be getting this one for myself in 15 ml in a few months, so I'd like to share my sample with a lucky reader.  I know my following isn't too big, but that makes it all the better for whoever wants to win :P 
I shall also be giving a 4ml decant of any* perfume I love (look on my perfume portrait under the tab "perfume").  To win the decant & sample, please tell me this:

Which of my favourites would you like to win 4 ml of, and why?
What licorice/anise based scent (or gourmand) do you like most, that you feel is under-appreciated? 

I shall choose the most interesting answer by Friday the 24th of August at midnight my time (Amsterdam, currently).

 * Excluding the Amouages.  Also, I own enough of every fragrance in the first two sections, but you can also choose Guerlain Jicky EdP, PdE Ambre Russe, and SL Cedre.


  1. Looks like a perfect scent for you! A gourmand to quench that sweet tooth, and also soft and elegant enough to not be overpowering :)


    1. *-Miffy

      Silly computer

    2. Yes, I know right ;) Thank you for reading.... :)

  2. Please don't put me in the draw but I wanted you to know we are out here reading, enjoying your blog
    Portia xx

    1. Thank you Portia; that means a lot. :) :) Ha, I might have to put this draw off until another time since there's no one on!


  3. Oh it would be lovely to try this Reglisse Noir. A sweet gourmand once in a while is a good thing to aknowledge.

    For licorice I'd go for that Penhaligon's Eau Sans Pareil! It was light sweet, just enough for me, and pretty for summer. And also 1969 by Histoires de Parfums, a to die for peachy chocolate.

    From your favourites I'd happily try SL Un Bois de Vanille because it's name just got me interested and I don't know many lutens. Also Gourmand Coquin sounds good. Field of gourmands has still many places for me to discover!

    1. You won! Haha :D

      Just inbox me at basenotes with your address. :)

  4. I have a sample of this one so do not put me into the draw but I'll spread the word :)

  5. I love this stuff! It was a blind buy for me and I was so happy when I liked it. I don't want to be in the draw obviously since I own it but just wanted to say thanks for the review. This is one of my comfort scents. It smells like black licorice so I think the name is more a literal translation of that and not a perfumer trying to make their juice sound sexier by throwing noire at the end of the name. I'm not usually a huge gourmand fan but this doesn't make me feel like a cupcake.
    Love your blog by the way. I've been lurking for a while.

    1. I LOVE this stuff too! I find myself craving it at times, but I didn't want to touch the sample as that is for the winner lol :P

      Luckily, as you just read, I am getting the bottle soon :D so excited!

      Oh yes, I know it was referring to the color of licorice, but I love me some Noire. I suspect though, that the beauty of this fragrance is precisely its lightness.

      And thank you so much :) :) Sorry this is so late by the way!

      Also, have you tried Lorenzo V Piper Nigrum? I might have spelled that wrong but it is bedtime so I hope you'll know what I mean. There is something in there that reminds me of Reglisse Noire.

    2. As you just read on NST* (forgot to write that)


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