03 September 2012

Question Time: Does an association spoil things for you?

Hello All,

Rushing in to quickly post a question.  So much busier than I thought I'd be.  Hope you are all doing well :)

I'm currently having a salad with "garden herbs" (it's a ready-made salad with chicken and potatoes) and lavender is one of them.  Every time I bring my nose near to my salad, I am reminded of herbal perfumes (especially with the lavender!) and find myself losing my appetite.


Is there anything that you have associated with something else so strongly, that it now puts you off when in its original form (or vice versa)?  An example could be something/somewhere you associate with someone who passed on, or someone who betrayed you.

For my fellow perfumistas, are there notes in perfume that put you off the actual ingredient?  Or vice versa (eg I cant take cardamom in perfumes as I use a lot of it in my food)?

While you think about it, here are some images I took last week :)


  1. Beautiful women, very cute cat and great pictures altogether!

    I thought about your question and I can't come up with a single example off the top of my head. I wouldn't mind eating lavender (or doing anything with it - I love it in all forms)... Oh! I just thought of something! Earlier today I visited an Arts and Crafts Fair. It was mildly amusing. But by the end of the second hour I thought that if I meet another person wearing patchouli I might turn homicidal ;)

    1. Thank you :)

      Haha! Your association made me chuckle. I realised I also have a terrible association with Angel, but I think a lot of us perfumistas do.

  2. I'm put off by Dior Fahrenheit. I smelled it for the first time in Bulgaria, the whole bazaar smelled of it and of course it was fake. But the scent drilled my nose so effectively that now I hate Fahrenheit, can't stand its smell

    1. Must smell this one one day. Somehow I'm behind on men's frags! Sorry to hear you don't like it, let's hope a close friend doesn't decide to love it ;)


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