30 April 2013

A perfume update - from you?

Hello All,

I am not sure if writing this will have a point, especially if I'm not going to reach out to the lovely perfumistas I got to know in the past year, but I do hope that some of you may see this post.

I have been out of everything perfume-related for the past few months, and have also been going through some life changes.

Anyway, I briefly decided to "catch up" with my favourite bloggers, only to see all these strange perfume names that I'd never even heard of!  Not only that, but a large part of my sample collection seems to have evaporated :(

In the coming two weeks, while I sort myself out, I want to get back to reading my favourite perfume bloggers (if I ever commented on your perfume blog, you're one of them), but for now:

I need your help.
Write me a comment with two things:

1) Tell me your news, perfume-related or other, and share with me what I may have missed in the last 6+ months of being out of perfume land.

2) Recommend new perfumes to me that I might love.  I want the most complex of complex, or simply the oddest of odd soliflores.  Tell me the scents I need to try before I die, or the one that you feel you cannot live without the past week or so.  Tell me any perfume revelations you've had, or changes in taste.  

I have missed this... but I'm back. :)

Below are some new self-portraits from a project I titled "Finding the Beauty in Me".  When I started the project in January I had zero self confidence, and I feel it showed in my expression, posture, as well as my photography skills.  Going through the entire photo album, you will see how my confidence has grown.  I like to think of this project as a visual representation of how I've grown inside.  I've put the examples in chronological order so you can see this a little bit. :)


  1. Hi there!

    I don't think you've missed much in the last 6 months - same old, same old: new bloggers appear, some of old(er) ones stop blogging; new perfumes are being released (mostly bad but some are good), old pefumes are being reformulated or discontinued - I'm not clear which is worse; it seems like there was an avalanche of pefume-related books released in the recent 12 months but I'm not a huge fan of those so no recommendations there.

    If you were to try one new perfume brand from the last 6 months I'd say go for Jul & Mad (I reviewed one of the perfumes - you can find it using search if you want - and Sandra, a guest writer on Olfactoria's Travels, has recently reviewed all three of them.

    I was sorry to hear about your sad news but I'm sure everything's getting better (and your cat is extremely cute!)

    1. Hmmm I shall look for J&M. I wanted a starting point to get me back into it. :)

      Thank you for watching my video and for taking the time to write so much. <3 I cant wait to start reading your blog again soon! xx

      PS If by "cute" you mean highly nutty and annoying, then yes, I agree! ;)

  2. You've been missed my dear!
    Hope to see you more often around from now on :)

    1. Lucas, hi!! I look forward to getting back to reading again :D Hope you are well. :)


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