26 May 2012

Interview with After5 magazine (May issue)

This was an interview I had with After5 Magazine, a new online art magazine in Kenya.  I recommend you read the full issue (and their other ones) as it is truly enjoyable to look at, and a pretty new concept for Kenya.  (See the full issue (with pictures!) here)

On having or being Bipolar

"It has been said: The whole is more than the sum of its parts. It is more correct to say that the whole is something else than the sum of its parts, because summing up is a meaningless procedure, whereas the whole-part relationship is meaningful." ~ Kurt Koffka

I have all the symptoms of bipolar disorder.  I regularly display signs of someone the general public might call “manic”, and practically live most of my day down in the sticky clutches of depression.  I cannot remember my point while I’m making it - writing this is almost physically hurting – and the fog in my head surrounds my thoughts so much that it sometimes spills into my vision.

On my first blog post

It's interesting.  I've been wanting to blog for AGES now, but I only REALLY got the motivation to do it when I took down all my online presence.

(Grass is greener)

Anyway, so I finally went ahead and made this blog.  It's not that hard once you have done it.  A bunch of buttons et voila! You have ze blog.

Interestingly enough, I'm finding that everything "difficult" in life is like this.

So here goes! Welcome to my journey in music, photography, deep and weird thoughts, perfumery, food, travel, and much much more.