Who is "She"?

Should I make this awkward and write in third person?  Why not; after all, my entire brand is revolved around this "she" person.

She is a young lady, who lives for art and the goal of one day inspiring masses.  She is an entrepreneur, a photographer, a singer-songwriter, a dreamer, and an ex-model. She loves animals, has 14 pets (not including men), and enjoys perfumes with a level of obsession that melts her wallet.

She has roots in the Netherlands and India (Goa, to be precise, though she's never been there - and doesn't know if she will be "goan" there any time soon, hardehar).  Her spirit belongs in Kenya, and her heart yearns for New York City.  London has experienced her for a year, but did not leave a lasting impression (except when it comes to shopping).

She loves fashion, as it is a way of expressing oneself as a canvas - being art, isn't it wonderful?  She feels the same way about make-up and nail artistry and enjoys these, too, but due to her low-maintenance attitude (why is it so hard to remove?!) she tends to wear the natural look (the real natural look, not natural looking make-up).

She sees art in everything that can appeal to the senses when crafted with wisdom and love, and therefore she can be heard going on (and on) about how much she loves a certain food or perfume.

Obviously, this then means that she is a music and film lover, and she revels in learning about and understanding how art today came to be.  She loves everything old, from history to art, from values to fashion, and she has often been called an old soul.

However, she is also quirky and slightly weird.  One could say "misunderstood" is a very well-known word in her vocabulary, and although she can seem quite extroverted due to her performing arts, she is a very shy introvert who loves her space.  She does love people, but often tends to melt into her own head and go on auto-pilot in the world.

Overall, she is a cheerful "big child" as some have called her, which somehow meshes with her "old soul".  Being a typical Piscean, she floats about without an anchor and truly understands what it means to live life freely.  She loves to share, and that is how this blog came to be.

To find her on other social networks, please go to her official website for more links. 

Her Photography:             Imagined Photography

Under the brand Imagined Photography, she travels often to New York City, London, Cape Town, and Amsterdam to shoot people and animals.

For more info about her opinions on photography, please see her interview with Kenyan online photography magazine After5 by clicking this link.

She likes blogging about her own photography as well as images that inspire her.

Her Music:                         Zubi d'Nova

Under the stage name Zubi d'Nova, she sings and writes her own songs.  She appreciates lyrics with depth, and blogs often about her own music, as well as independent artists she finds pretty amazing.

Her Other Passions:          Plain old Melissa de Blok

Since she is an artist, she often blogs about other forms of art, such as films, books, and shows.  However, she also adores great food and well-crafted perfumes, and therefore shares her views on these pretty often too.

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  1. I love your blog, your helping people more than you know by sharing all of this.


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