25 October 2012

Question Time: What moment made you feel like a child again?

I was at my boyfriend's home, and we were trying (together with his 15 year old brother) to choose a movie to watch.  It was late at night, and the brother and I were doing our usual teasing and joking. 

I don't know how it started exactly, but the brother, Robin, and I started walking circles around the pool table in the same room as the DVDs.  I jokingly referred to the Mummy DVD we had looked at, and put my hands up like a mummy.  We continued walking around the pool table in circles as my boyfriend tried to concentrate on the DVD shelf nearby.  I grabbed a piece of chalk from the blackboard nearby, and started tallying each "round" I did.

To make a long story short, it ended up being a "game" whereby my boyfriend, I, and Robin were walking around the pool table in circles with chalk in our hands, contributing to the drawing on the blackboard with silly - and mostly very rude/dirty - additions, every time we passed it.  The "rule", we had come to figure out, was that you could not stay at the blackboard long enough for the person behind you to catch up with you.  What the consequences would be, I don't know, and so we broke our own rule quite often when trying to read the terrible handwriting of one of the contributors (not me, of course!)

After about 30 minutes, it ended with me going round the pool table on their sister's pink mini-scooter, and Robin and my boyfriend arguing on the blackboard over who is the biggest idiot (or who was more homo-sexual).  I don't think I have ever seen that many drawings of genitalia in one night.  I have to add that they all looked diseased, but that can be blamed on the "artists" skills. ;)

My point is, all of this was very childish.  But it was harmless fun, and we laughed all the way through at how silly we were.

When was the last time you got silly and let go of your pride?  What really is wrong with being a child once in a while, if we do not harm anyone?  Why do we feel embarrassed (this is a question I should really ask myself), when we portray ourselves as less mature to the world?

These aren't rhetorical questions, so go ahead: share your stories! :)

22 October 2012

On Make-Up

I haven't been blogging for a while due to lots of issues, but I just was about to start ranting away about yet another thought that I can't conclude on in a satisfactory manner, when it hit me that Twitter just isn't as awesome as Blogger when it comes to longer thoughts.  Plus, I get ignored by practically everyone on Twitter *cue violin music*

My issue today, is make-up 
(Oh, and all the images in this blog-post were photographed by yours truly. :D   )

I lie, though.  Because this issue is not just an issue today.  It's an issue every day, and it actually has boggled my mind for so long that I feel incomplete without having concluded what I actually think of the entire phenomenon.  My dilemma started many years ago, when I hadn't even hit my teens yet (though I did have an interest in boys, as that had started when I was two - don't ask!).