07 November 2013

Words from a distant place

Welcome to the most honest and raw blog post I have ever written.  I'm not really sure where to start.  Do I tell you where I am physically (Bermuda), or where I am in every other way?

This year has been a year of change.  Between January and June, I went from being a weak, sickly, depressed girl, to a strong, empowered, positive woman.  I figured out that I am very sensitive to changes in diet, sleep, and exercise, and that the constant depression/bipolar symptoms I had struggled with, could actually be minimised with the simplest of things.  My regular acupuncture sessions, and the simple act of treating myself with respect, brought out a person with qualities I never knew I had.  I would look back at the sad being I used to be with pride, and often comment how I used to not be able get out of bed - and how far behind me that phase was.  I almost felt disgusted with who I used to be.  "Thank goodness that's over," I'd think.

But pride comes before a fall.

06 May 2013

On Balance, Friends, and Loving Unconditionally.

Sometimes I really think that the ultimate goal in human life is balance.  

We are naturally hypocritical creatures made up of conflicting qualities, aiming to achieve perfection when our circumstances scream "impossible" at every turn.  We avoid being what society deems to be unacceptable, and embrace the qualities we feel will be approved of by loved ones and strangers alike.  Some claim to not care what people think, yet dress to conform and find themselves in the limelight of popularity amongst their peers.  Others openly admit to caring too much what people think, yet secretly embrace what makes them different.

Our characters are a conundrum to ourselves, and yet we seek understanding from foreigners to our every thought.  We want to belong yet we aren't at home in our own mind.  We want the world to accept us, yet we live our daily lives in denial about the parts of ourselves we want to hide.  We practice loving others, but it is without substance.  We expect acceptance, but we do not treat ourselves like the delicate creatures we want others to embrace us as.

One of the biggest keys to balance, bliss, and almost-perfection, is the most illogical one out there.  It is only when we truly embrace the things we hate, that we learn to love ourselves and all that is around us.  It is only through acceptance that we make change - and yet we have been taught a much more stubborn and more seemingly logical way for so long, that this sort of thing becomes difficult to accept - leave alone practice.

30 April 2013

A perfume update - from you?

Hello All,

I am not sure if writing this will have a point, especially if I'm not going to reach out to the lovely perfumistas I got to know in the past year, but I do hope that some of you may see this post.

I have been out of everything perfume-related for the past few months, and have also been going through some life changes.

Anyway, I briefly decided to "catch up" with my favourite bloggers, only to see all these strange perfume names that I'd never even heard of!  Not only that, but a large part of my sample collection seems to have evaporated :(

In the coming two weeks, while I sort myself out, I want to get back to reading my favourite perfume bloggers (if I ever commented on your perfume blog, you're one of them), but for now:

I need your help.

09 January 2013

On Movie Buffs in Kenya

Are you a movie buff?  What is a movie buff, really?

Well, I'm a movie buff.  I'll tell you what that means to me:

- I always watch carefully for the craft of acting - I admire subtle actors more than the average joe, and that tends to mean that I like a lot of the non-dramatic actors the masses may consider "stiff" (eg chick from Juno, Dunham from Fringe, etc).
- I like classics, and consider it fun education to watch them.
- I admire composition in films, and love to see the rule of thirds being taken into account.
- I view the entire work as a piece of art, and expect each scene to be filmed, written, and acted out with purpose and focus - nothing is accidental and can therefore be analysed and discussed in deeper ways.
- I get excited about actors I like, when they get big opportunities.
- I have a few favourite directors and script writers whose working patterns have become clear to me.

Does any of this apply to you, and do you live in Nairobi?  If so, please go to this Facebook page and ask to join.  I am trying to start a small movie club for true movie buffs, so that we can meet people who are as passionate about films as we are.