09 January 2013

On Movie Buffs in Kenya

Are you a movie buff?  What is a movie buff, really?

Well, I'm a movie buff.  I'll tell you what that means to me:

- I always watch carefully for the craft of acting - I admire subtle actors more than the average joe, and that tends to mean that I like a lot of the non-dramatic actors the masses may consider "stiff" (eg chick from Juno, Dunham from Fringe, etc).
- I like classics, and consider it fun education to watch them.
- I admire composition in films, and love to see the rule of thirds being taken into account.
- I view the entire work as a piece of art, and expect each scene to be filmed, written, and acted out with purpose and focus - nothing is accidental and can therefore be analysed and discussed in deeper ways.
- I get excited about actors I like, when they get big opportunities.
- I have a few favourite directors and script writers whose working patterns have become clear to me.

Does any of this apply to you, and do you live in Nairobi?  If so, please go to this Facebook page and ask to join.  I am trying to start a small movie club for true movie buffs, so that we can meet people who are as passionate about films as we are.