30 April 2013

A perfume update - from you?

Hello All,

I am not sure if writing this will have a point, especially if I'm not going to reach out to the lovely perfumistas I got to know in the past year, but I do hope that some of you may see this post.

I have been out of everything perfume-related for the past few months, and have also been going through some life changes.

Anyway, I briefly decided to "catch up" with my favourite bloggers, only to see all these strange perfume names that I'd never even heard of!  Not only that, but a large part of my sample collection seems to have evaporated :(

In the coming two weeks, while I sort myself out, I want to get back to reading my favourite perfume bloggers (if I ever commented on your perfume blog, you're one of them), but for now:

I need your help.